Do solar projects (and their associated grass clippings) impact the nutrient load of nearby water features?

As described previously, the native meadow mix we will plant onsite does not have to be cut as often as the bluegrass, ryegrass, or fescue on a typical Pennsylvania lawn. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) Solar Panel Farm Guidance and Considerations document, which we will are abiding by, requires that onsite vegetation not be mowed more than 4 times per year and should not be cut to less than 4 inches in height. In combination, we don’t expect to have much, if any, of an impact on the nutrient load of Swiftwater Creek or any other local water features.

Our infiltration basins are designed to meet PA DEP water quality requirements. Those requirements are computed for each contributing watershed to guarantee they are tailored to local ecosystems, and not one-size-fits-all.